Ebiking Pulo do Lobo's Route

2 Night Program

Cycle along the Pulo do Lobo’s route and discover the emblematic ecosystems of the Vale do Guadiana Natural Park. Along with discovering nature, we have selected for you other points of interest related to the historical and cultural heritage and traditional products of the region. Stop whenever you want, wherever you want and fully enjoy what the region has to offer!

110€ / Pax

Technical information

Self-Guided Program – During the electric bike ride, you will be guided by a GPS placed on the ebike handlebars that will show you the way throughout the route.

O nível de dificuldade das caminhadas ao longo do programa é médio, sendo no entanto necessário boa preparação física para efetuar caminhadas de bonda duração (5h – 6h de caminhada por dia).

Approximate duration of the tour (cycling): 3h30.

Total duration of the tour (including stops for lunch and visits to the tasting places of traditional products and panoramic views): 5h30.

The Pulo do Lobo Route has a total of 38 km.


Arrival at Ecoland. All information about the Pulo do Lobo Route will be provided to visitors.

This day will be represented to the tour.for the entire day.

Dinner at dight at Ecoland.

This last day you will be able to Visit Mértola with a local guide.

Price: 110€ / pax


2 night stay at Ecoland with breakfast included in a double or twin room for two people.

Gourmet dinner for two at Ecoland  with a choice of menus: vegetarian, traditional or Moroccan.

Rental of two electric pastries to make the Pulo do Lobo Route, lasting 8 hours. The electric bakers have an autonomy of 115 km in ECO mode, so don’t worry, you’ll reach the end of the route with a lot of charge available.

Not included

Other meals during the program are not included.

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You will be able to Visit Mértola with a local guide with an extra coast.

What will you find on the Pulo do Lobo Route?



threshing floor

Corte Gafo Cima

Amendoeira da Serra

Escalda Watemill

Pulo do Lobo


Venda dos Salgueiros

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