The Baal17 – Theater Company, together with the Theater Workshop of Serpa (amateur group tutored by Baal17) and the Local Community present “Camino Real” by Tennessee Williams. The project, which will culminate in September with a large street show, knows three phases that the Company called I – A Descoberta; II – The Restlessness and III – The Celebration.
In a first approach to the work, professional and amateur actors, musicians, sportsmen, singers, new and old, people who have never played theater in life and people who have not experienced it for a long time come together on stage. There are more than 40 people on stage at the Discovery of what is considered the damn text of one of the most admirable playwrights of the twentieth century.
“Camino Real” is a dead end surrounded by the desert from where, occasionally, you can escape to the outside world. According to author Tennessee Williams: “nothing more than my conception of the world and the times in which we live.”

Date, Time and Place: 16.06.2018, 9:30 pm, Cineteatro Municipal de Serpa
Prod .: Baal 17 – Theater Company and Theater Workshop of Serpa (amateur group tutored by Baal17) and the local community.
More information: T. (+351) 284549488 – 961363107 –

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