Mértola, the museum village that will transport you to ancient times…

the last port of the mediterranean

“Mértola represented, for many navigators and merchants, the end of a maritime journey, which often began in distant ports in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The ancient city is, even today, totally protected by a wall with a perimeter of about 1000 meters, inside which a dense and tangled web of streets and houses is organized.”

Santiago Macias, Campo Arqueológico de Mértola

story of a place

“The specific conditions of occupation of the site, subject to successive occupations and periodically hit by earthquakes and river floods, led to what we have today, and with regard to the walls, a set of constructions ranging from the beginning of Romanization to the last and important renovations, which took place in the 16th century.”

Santiago Macias, Campo Arqueológico de Mértola

strategically located

“Implanted on an imposing rock spur and in a classic inter-fluvial position (between Guadiana and Oeiras), it became famous among geographers of the Islamic period for the exceptionality of the site it occupied and for its strategic importance.”

Santiago Macias, Campo Arqueológico de Mértola

what to visit in mértola?

The Museum of Mértola is part of the old town, inside the walls, and there are several museums to visit. We leave our suggestions here: