A village with history

“Mértola represented, for many navigators and merchants, the end of a maritime route, so many times started in distant ports of the Eastern Mediterranean. The ancient city is, even today, totally protected by a wall with a perimeter of about 1000 meters, within which a dense and tangled network of streets and houses is organized.

The specific conditions of occupation of the site, subject to successive occupations and periodically hit by earthquakes and river floods, led to what we have today, and in terms of the walls, a set of constructions ranging from the beginning of Romanization to the last and most important renovations that took place in the 16th century.”

Santiago Macias, Campo Arqueológico de Mértola

What to visit in Mértola?

Discover what this museum village has uncovered thanks to to a systematic historical and archaeological study. Between the cereal plains and the Guadiana valley, Mértola’s geography has made this village a center of cultures and civilizations, present today in the heritage, one of the most well preserved in Alentejo.